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Travel Tea Guide: Best Teas for On-the-Go Moments

This piece was originally posted by @vanyazolotukhin on Instagram, delving into the joys of tea during travels. I was deeply inspired by it and believe it's a share worth cherishing. I've decided to republish this article here, hoping those who appreciate our products will also benefit from this enriched version.

Personally, for me, tea is one of the main drinks in both mountain hiking and in everyday life, and I live in the mountains if you haven't forgotten. Therefore, I don't just have to, but I must be able to brew proper, tasty, and most importantly healthy tea, with the addition of herbs that I collect my own hands in our Yangiabad mountains, in an environmentally friendly area. And here are the TOP teas that I drink myself and brew for my clients on trips.

1) Black, large-leaf tea with thyme is a classic camping tea, especially if boiling water at a campfire, dry archi on firewood, exquisite aroma and taste. Tea with thyme warms you well in winter and cools you down quickly in summer. Personally, I like to add a little sugar, which further tones me when I hike. But the most important thing is not to exaggerate, as thyme raises blood pressure!

2) Black tea with soul - incomparable aroma and pleasant taste! Most often, I brew this tea at night by the campfire, as tea with soul calms the nervous system, which is ideal after a long hike, before going to bed, and the crack and smell of campfire will complete such a romantic atmosphere. It is also worth to remember that there is a very useful element in your soul called "Selenium"!

3) Well, and the third on my list is Karkade Tea with thyme, lemon, dried apples, pink pepper and sugar. This tea cannot be described, it needs to be tried))) Insanely pleasant taste that lingers in your memory for a long time. Consume this drink in a chilled form is preferably for a deeper understanding of the bouquet. You can also pour it into a bottle, cool it in the river and drink while you along the route.

There actually are many different combinations of herbs and teas, my list is only a small part of the huge culture called Tea. The herbs I use have anti-inflammatory, toning, sedative, healing properties, the main thing is to be able to use them competently, avoiding negligence and bigotry. And helps me in all this is the high-quality equipment from @firemaple_gear that makes making tea or food even more exciting and insanely convenient! If you use it, only the best!