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Petrel Ultralight Pot with heat exchanger 600ml

Saturn stove and pan

Stove works great. I have stove, pan, 2 bottles of water and fuel in packed in a small field box for camping. It's to big for backpacking but easy to have a complete cook kit ready to go all the time

Alti Titanium Coffee Cup / Pot

Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware
cook ware

It was GREAT Looking forward to using it very soon....GREAT PRODUCT.

Petrel Ultralight Pot with heat exchanger 600ml

Maverick Wood Stove
James A. Ladd (US)
camping saw

Excellent product and service!

Shipping Protection
Mark Milhollen (US)

Great lighting addition

WOW!!! Half the boil time of Vargo Bot

WOW!!! Half the boil time of Vargo Bot
No joke. As soon as I got this, I tested it against my 1L Vargo Bot - a MUCH more expensive pot. Same fuel, same position of fuel valve, both left uncovered, same volume of water (500 ml measured in a graduated cylinder), same bottom diameter of the pots. Test was conducted indoors (no wind for both and same ambient temperature). This pot came to full boil in 1:32, and the Bot took 2:59.
That is truly amazing. And smaller size makes it better for solo backpacking, though it is basically the same weight, but the efficiency will save me half the fuel weight, which is HUGE.
Works with all my stoves (basically anything with three metal pot supports), and the handle did not get hot to the touch at all, which saves me carrying a clipping pot handle or risking burns using a cloth.
I only leave reviews for really good or really bad products. This is a HUGE winner. Any solo backpacker should seriously consider at least testing this out - at the price it's hard to lose, and I really think it will become your go-to pot.

Dome Gas Cartridge Cover
Zach Jackson (US)

Love it

Easy to use

Makes one cup of coffee, so I pour one through and add a few coffee grinds and pour another cup through. Up here in Northern Newfoundland you don’t get fancy.

Great Product

Great Product and easy to use

Awesome Stove

I recently used this stove on a 9-day backpacking trip on the AT. Temperatures fluctuated between 27 and 70 degrees. The stove performed great every time. It is now my primary stove when backpacking.

An Impressive Pot and Stove for Lightweight Hiking/Camping

So, Chinese company, shipping from China. I was skeptical, but gave it a shot. 6 days later to Los Angeles, got the Petrel Ultralight Pot ($23.95) with Hornet 2 stove ($59.90 total), so shipping was really impressive. Ultralight Pot is an aluminum, so they could have gone lighter with a titanium. My light camping setup is a MSR PocketRocketstove 2 (72.93 g) with a Toaks Light Titanium 550 ML (71.47 g). The Hornet 2 stove came in at an impressive 48.13 g, and the Petrel Ultralight Pot weighed in at 163.58 g. It lists at 600 ML, but the max fill line is still a good 1 1/2 inches from the rim. (For the Toaks, the 550 ML fill line is a few mm from the top) Size wise, there is a good 2 inches difference between the Toaks and the Petrel, with a similar diameter. Boil test, just about sea level in Los Angeles, with windy conditions, 16 oz. Firemaple 2:30. MSR/Toaks 4:50. MSR/Petrel (Petrel was not a totally cold start) 2:10. So if you have a 3 prong stove, it should work with the Petrel as the MSR did fine. Their handle was sturdy and locks into place, both shut and as a handle. Handle is also coated, so after boiling the water, didn't need gloves like I needed for the Toaks. It also did not boil over like the Toaks, since it is a much larger container. Haven't taken it out to the field yet, but just in testing, cutting 2 minutes off of boil time is pretty impressive. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review of our Petrel Ultralight Pot and Hornet 2 stove. We're so happy to hear that you were impressed with our shipping speed and that you found the pot and stove to be a great addition to your lightweight camping setup. We appreciate your feedback on the materials used and the boil time comparison with other products. We hope you continue to enjoy using our products on your future hiking and camping adventures! Happy trails!

Orange Gas Lantern
winston v (US)
bought two

I bought two of the orange gas lanterns. One works great, the other lantern's flame adjustment valve is very difficult to turn. I'm worried it will eventually break after a few more uses.

Hi there, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with the flame adjustment valve on one of your orange gas lanterns. Please reach out to our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you with a replacement or troubleshooting tips. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope to make it right for you.

Petrel Ultralight Pot with heat exchanger 600ml

Collapsible coffee cup

Bought this for motorcycle camping. Packs small and works well .thanks


These will be so nice even in our home to use a special covering and have them on the table for a special dinner. They are very nice and very creative.

Very happy with the product

This is the second piece of cookware that I have purchased from Fire Maple and both are well made, highly functional and are just what I was looking for in camp cookware.

Maverick Wood Stove
Mark golden (US)
Its pretty cool

Its not exactly what it looks like in the adds. The grate doesnt fit well or lock on so if any food sticks to it its a pretty fast mess. It dont take much for the grate to fall off of the stove. It works better with a pan or pot than as a small grill. Its heavier than I thought it would be however due to that extra weight it is pretty sturdy. Nice case and packs away flat in a pack. It has its place and as usual with firemaple its a good product.

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback on the Maverick Wood Stove. We apologize if it did not meet your expectations based on the advertisement. We appreciate your input on the grate and will pass it along to our team for improvements. However, we are glad to hear that it is sturdy and comes with a handy case. We hope it still serves its purpose well for you. Thank you for choosing Firemaple!

Super efficient

The petrel pot is a perfect size for ultralight backpacking with a heat exchanger that doesn't put your pot too far from the flame.


Perfect size… not too big and not too small at the same time

Orange Gas Lantern
Joel Mejia (US)
orange lantern

great for low light ambiance and best way to empty those little can can

We’ll built

Haven’t used it yet, but looks well made.

My Favourite stove

I have used this pressure regulated stove down to -15C. No problems. It simmers well unlike a lot of more expensive stoves on the market. On full it boils water fast. Would purchase again. But doubt I'll have to as this stove is built to last. Just wish the remote line was a couple of inches longer.

My new go to pot.

I’ve been using an integrated high efficiency stove from another brand but didn’t like how even a little wind would affect it. I combined this new pot from Firemaple with a Soto Windmaster and it is fantastic! Wind proof and VERY efficient. Performed great in stormy conditions on a recent backpacking trip.