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Alles suuuuper

Mega Kocher

Saturn X Gas Stove
Thomas Shelquist (US)
Saturn X Stove

Good service and fast shipping would order again from them.

Stove is great. Gas hose is not.

I love the size, shape and function of the stove. Good for a variety of sizes of cookware and heats well. Do not like the gas hose. I cannot adjust the gas flow and cannot turn the gas off. It’s not just will not adjust. The only way I can stop gas flow is to disconnect the hose from the gas bottle. Also, I wish I knew the new design was coming out as I would have purchased it.

Thank you for your feedback on our Saturn Gas Stove. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the stove's size, shape, and functionality. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with the gas hose. You can reach out to our customer service for help if you need.

Portable Grill Pan
Susan P. (US)
Good size and easy to clean

I’m loving this grill pan. I’ve used it several times with meat, eggs and vegetables and it works well with all of these. Perfect size for 2-4 people. The best thing is that it cleans up so easily and still looks brand new. This is a winner.

Quality folding stove

Pros: Solid build quality - folds out without any issues. The wider legs make a very stable support for pots and pans, far more balanced and less slipping than common lightweight hiking stoves. The knob to adjust the flame allows good control from simmering to full power. Piezo ignition is reliable and works every time. The burner itself produces a good flame and has a shield which somewhat protects it from wind as well as the ground below from heat.

Best feature is it fits perfectly inside my 1.2L ultralight pot for compact storage.

Cons: The braided hose doesn't rotate so it can get twisted in storage but this is a minor issue.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our FMS-125 PRO Stove with Electric Ignition. We're glad to hear that you're enjoying its solid build quality and stable support for pots and pans. We're also happy to know that the knob and piezo ignition are working well for you. Thank you for mentioning the compact storage feature, we designed it with convenience in mind. We appreciate your feedback on the braided hose and will definitely take it into consideration for future improvements. Happy camping!

Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware
Peter Muller (AU)

Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware

Feast 2 Aluminum Cookware
Aaron Engelbeck (US)
Wonderful compact burner

Love how small it gets. Hooked up the gas and it lit the first time. Gets hot immediately. Will be fantastic on my boat.

Good product but the design could been better

Good fire power, can do revers fuelling for extra boost. Tested in low/high altitude multiple times. Built in piezo works well and convenient. Remote connection tube design to prevent heating the fuel canister and useful for flexible placing/setup.

Stove is powerful but it seems very prong to wind, even in the very slight blow. It would be much better to design the pit lower and raised the rim to provide shielding effect. Since the flame is small and distributed for even heat transfer (which is good), flames are blown too easily. It works great in a completely calm environment but in reality, it needs more time/fuel to boil/cook outdoor than it claims without separate wind shield.

Connection head does not spin so it is little bit difficult to screw in/out the canister, but not a big issue. It is only that there are better head design out in the market with spinning hinge head design.

Over all construction is sturdy and feels good with wide supporting legs for bigger cooking pots. Stove it self cools down quickly for pack up, which is great! I noticed, however, supporting legs glow red over long time cooking. I dont see any deformation so far, thus it should be okay but little concerned on its durability over the time.

Shipping insurance
Lonnie Pryor (US)
Needed this table

I have been watching shug and saw he had a small table like this but when I research for one the prices were way way to high but fire maple got one out so I bought it. Plan to use it finally for a weeks camping trip. I’ll know better when tested

Awesome product but shipping costs are astronomical compared to other companies

The pot stand works perfectly and fits in the nesting bowl. I like the kit and i will use it for years.

Important fact about this fitting…

The adapter works well, and its construction and fit are solid. However, there’s an important detail not mentioned: it doesn’t merely function as a fitting adapter but also acts as a flow restrictor. While it’s not a proper pressure regulator, it can reduce pressure slightly to account for propane’s higher burning power compared to butane. This feature might be beneficial for some uses but was not suitable for my needs, as I installed my own regulator. The additional pressure reduction from this fitting was counterproductive, forcing me to purchase another adapter that serves solely as a fitting coupler. This is a crucial detail that should be disclosed.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter. We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that the adapter is working well for you.

We apologize for not disclosing the fact that the adapter also acts as a flow restrictor. We understand that this may not be suitable for all uses and we will make sure to include this information in our product description moving forward.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we hope you find a suitable solution for your needs. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter

Haven't used it yet have find a way to make hose longer

Good Quality

I have not used it yet but I believe it is good quality.

Cook ware

Awesome product…. Essential to my camp gear

Excellent Stove

This stove is very high quality, the fit and finish is exquisite, tremendous value and it pairs nicely with the Petrel Pot.

Perfect Size for One!

Stashes away conveniently and is perfect size for one. The non-stick claim is real and that has made for an easier clean up. I recommend this frypan highly!

The very best camping gas stove I have ever bought after55 years of camping and hiking.

The best

Haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

Awesome product.

Perfect size, great heat distribution and built with quality. Highly recommend!

FMW-510 10Pcs Foldable Windscreen
Martin J Maciejewski (US)
Sturdy design

Robust and solid construction. Convenient storage case provided.

Sunflower Grill Plate
Marcos Enriquez (US)
Best griddle for the size

Wow, what an ace in the camping cooking gear! Loved using it for the first time along with the sunflower stove. Bacon for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. What a great combo. Can’t wait for the next adventure

Honestly love this pot!

Takes up way less room than my previous jetboil and works insanely well! Ive used it 4x so far this summer with my Soto Windmaster and plan to take it on my 165mi trek this week :)

Sunflower Grill Plate
Corey Gilbert (US)
Love this

Works great. Cooks well. Great construction. A great addiction to my camping experience.

Looks like a good piece of equipment

I have yet to fully stress test the stove, but my initial impressions are positive. It has significant BTU power and a sturdy construction, with legs designed to support large pans or even Dutch ovens. Overall, it stands out compared to regular stoves but feels a little short of quality compared to premium ones. However, I have safety concerns about two specific parts: the preheating tubes are not made of brass, unlike other stoves, so I'm unsure how this plated metal will handle expansion and continuous use, after few tests the nickel appearance of the preheating tube is gone and it looks like bare metal is going to remain from now on, this is not an issue necessarily but I dont understand why they didn’t stick to the typical brass that is well proven to resist continuous expansion over heat. Additionally, the heat distribution could be improved. The heating “vaporizing block” is located on the lower level of the stove, directly exposed and made of plated metal. This block is directly connected to the hose, which has a rubber interior. Continuous heat transmission might negatively affect the rubber over extended usage. I plan to use the stove more frequently, but for now, these two potential issues remain unconfirmed. That's why I'm giving this stove 4 stars.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for our Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube. We appreciate your initial positive impressions and we are glad to hear that the stove has significant BTU power and a sturdy construction.

We understand your concerns regarding the preheating tubes not being made of brass and the heat distribution. We would like to assure you that our stove has been designed and tested to ensure safety and durability. However, we will take note of your feedback and pass it along to our product development team for future improvements.

We would love for you to continue using the stove and we are confident that it will meet your expectations. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you have many enjoyable cooking experiences with our Saturn Gas Stove.

Best regards,

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