FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple
FMS-125 Gas Stove - Fire Maple

FMS-125 Gasherd

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Mit seinem robusten und kompakten Design ist FMS-125 der perfekte Begleiter für Ihre Outdoor-Abenteuer.

Die starke Flamme des Gasbrenners FMS-125 kann einen Liter Wasser in nur wenigen Minuten zum Kochen bringen und sein windabweisendes Design sorgt für zuverlässige Leistung bei jedem Wetter. Dank des benutzerfreundlichen Zündsystems und der einstellbaren Flammensteuerung bereiten Sie im Handumdrehen köstliche Mahlzeiten zu. Und dank seines niedrigen Schwerpunkts können Sie sicher sein, dass er auf jedem Untergrund stabil steht. Egal, ob Sie campen, wandern oder picknicken, bringen Sie unbedingt unseren bewährten Campingkocher mit für ein unvergessliches Kocherlebnis im Freien!

  • Windproof Design: FMS-125 features an integrated wind deflector for improved efficiency and energy savings.
  • Easy Ignition: Built-in piezo electric ignitor for instant lighting, with a control valve for easy flame adjustment.
  • High Efficiency: 3240W power with revolving flame for enhanced thermal efficiency, boiling 1 liter of water in just 3.5 minutes.
  • Stable and Lightweight: Low gravity center for stability, weighing only 230g and includes a PC material box for storage.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with EN417 compliant butane-propane mix, ideal for backpacking, traveling, fishing, and other outdoor activities.


Material: Edelstahl, Aluminiumlegierung, Kupfer

Größe: 140 x 140 x 82 mm, 5,5 x 5,5 x 3,2 Zoll, 90 x 76 x 67 mm, 3,5 x 3 x 2,6 Zoll

Leistung: 3,24 kW, 230 g/h, 11058 BTU/h

Gewicht: 230 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kaz (CA)
Great stove

Nice small stove just difficult to adjust low heat for cooking otherwise excellent.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our FMS-125 Gas Stove. We are thrilled to hear that you find it to be a great stove overall.

We understand that it may be a bit challenging to adjust the heat for low cooking, but we are happy to hear that it is still performing excellently for you.

If you need any assistance with adjusting the heat or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Thanks again for choosing our product!


Jacob Anderson
Awesome camp stove

Used for my four day Memorial Day trip cooked three meals a day without flaw. I used a full sized pan. The stand is sturdy and held many many pound with the cast iron and the dishes. Would buy again. I’m going to have to in spring I misplaced my mess kit so I’ll be back soon.

Roger William Agan
Ultra compact

Super compact and easily packed into a backpack. This is the perfect camping stove. Sits stable and the cook surface is large enough for a smaller pan. This has become essential in my gear bag.

Amy Goebel Padgett
Works if careful

Let me say upfront that I took a star off because you do need to be careful with this little stove. It can be a little on the flimsy side. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely usable anbd works great for heating a pot of water or making a pot of coffee or anything like that, but it needs to be placed on a stable, even surface and you need to be very careful when you put a pot on it or remove the pot. To be on the safe side, we've developed a routine where we turn off the stove before removing anything from it just to make sure we don't get burned or cause any issues along those lines.

It's definitely lightweight which makes it easy to pack and take along with camping where every ounce counts. It works great, too, for a frying pan and making quick eggs in the morning (or any time of day for that matter). It cooks everything very quickly and has been a great (smaller) alternative to our regular stoves. It doesn't take long to set up so we can get cooking very quickly.

Overall, this is a great little stove to take with us or even use in remote locations on our farm where we just want to boil some water for tea or make a few hotdogs for lunch.


Incredibly easy to set up. Could be a little smaller when folded, the gas line sticks out a little. Gas control is sensitive enough for a simmer. Weighs roughly 230 grams, for backpackers. No issue with ground stability, but you would not want to use a large pot with it. Comes with good instructions too.

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