Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple
Silicone Collapsible Bowl - Fire Maple

Zusammenklappbare Schüssel aus Silikon

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Zusammenklappbare Schüssel aus Silikon zum Kochen im Freien, superleicht und einfach zu reinigen und mitzunehmen.

1. Hergestellt aus lebensmittelechtem Silikonmaterial, hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit, langlebig für den täglichen Gebrauch.
2. Weich und langlebig: Nach dem Zusammenfalten verformt sich der überfüllte kleine Beutel nicht.
3. Ungiftig, Gesundheit, Umweltschutz, ohne Geruch.
4. Faltbar und kompakt: Platzsparend, lässt sich leicht an den Rucksack hängen, leicht zu reinigen, ein guter Helfer beim Camping und Wandern.

  • Made of food grade silicone materia, high temperature resistance, durable for daily use.
  • Soft & Durable: After folding in the crowded small bag will not be deformed.
  • Non-toxic, health, environmental protection, without any odor.
  • Foldable & Compact: Space-saving, can be easily hang on your backpack, easy to clean, a good helper for camping&hiking.


500ml: 160g, 5.6oz; 1000ml: 250g, 8.8oz

500ml: Unfolded:134*123.6*88.6mm, 5.28*4.87*3.49in; Folded:134*123.6*33mm,5.28*4.87*1.3in; 1000ml: Unfolded:165.9*157*94mm, 6.53*6.18*3.7in; Folded:165.9*157*33mm,6.53*6.18*1.3in;

500ml,16.9us_oz / 1L,33.8us_oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julia Wagner-Heydecke (DE)
Great Quality

The product itself is pretty self-explanatory and hard to review, it´s a bowl put liquids or solid things into it and they stay there.
You can collapse it to make it a disk that takes up less space in your backpack, it has a lid so you can close it to protect it against dust when it´s in your pack, or to transport food in it.
All these things work perfect.

What actually stands out though, is the quality of the silicone.
This is no flimsy "look at it the wrong way and it´ll break" silicone bowl, this thing is solid. I trust this thing to stay upright and where I put it more than I trust my bowls at home to do the same thing.
It´s built to last and you can feel it, I´m not worried to throw this thing into my pack without looking when I´m in a hurry, and I don´t mind putting it on rocky, uneven surfaces, I feel like you´d need some serious dedication to do so to damage this thing.

The lid fits snuggly, even on regular workdays I started to use it to transport my dinner for late/all day shifts, which often contains a sauce, and it doesn´t let me down there either.

Not having a bowl with you on a tour won´t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with no shelter, food or heat.
But if you decide to take one with you, this is a well made item and it´s worth its money, at least to me

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed and positive review for our Silicone Collapsible Bowl. We are delighted to hear that it has met your expectations in terms of both functionality and quality. Our team takes great pride in creating durable and reliable products that can withstand any adventure. We are also happy to hear that the bowl has become a useful addition to your daily routine. We hope to continue providing you with products that make your life easier and more enjoyable. Thank you for choosing our brand.

Best regards,

Richard Decker (US)

Perfection for campsite. Love em. Glad I found on your app. Fire maple is my new go to place for camp kitchen needs.

Henry Williams (US)
Philmont Bound

Highly recommended. I purchased these for leaders headed for the Philmont Scout Ranch next summer for 12 day backpacking treks. They love them.

Daniel Holmes (CA)
Great piece of kit

Very firm piece of kit not
flimsy like some other brands and folds in nicely