Bacchus Titanium Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Ti Hip Flask - Fire Maple
Bacchus Titanium Hip Flask - Fire Maple

Bacchus Flachmann aus Titan

Normaler Preis $69.95 Sonderpreis$55.96

Machen Sie kalte Nächte etwas wärmer und Lagerfeuergeschichten etwas schöner mit der Zange dieser wunderschönen Titanflasche.

Titan ist geruchlos, farblos, ungiftig und spülmaschinenfest. Es bewahrt den Geschmack Ihrer Lieblingsspirituosen, Liköre, Weine, Sake oder sogar Tees. Die Mini-Größe ist ideal für Rucksacktouren, Wandern, Camping, Reisen, Tagesausflüge, Sportveranstaltungen oder den Heimgebrauch.
Ein tolles Geschenk für Abschlussfeiern, Vatertag, Geburtstage und Jubiläen.

- Titankonstruktion mit sicherem Schraubdeckel

- 200 ml Fassungsvermögen

– Benannt nach Bacchus, dem römischen Gott des Weins

- Kleiner Trichterfüller zum einfachen Ausgießen und Nachfüllen

- Weiche Tragetasche


        √ 1 x Bacchus-Titan-Flachmann
          √ 1 x Mini-Trichter
            √ 1 x weiche Aufbewahrungstasche
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            Titan / Edelstahl


            94 x 27 x 130 mm / 3,7" x 1,06" x 5,12"

            200 ml / 6,7 fl oz

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 5 reviews
            Da Qi
            High quality product as advertised

            This is a very high quality product and is as advertised. I have only had it a short while and only used it a couple times so keep that in mind as you read this review. I love titanium products as they are relatively lightweight and dont add a taste to things you put in them. This flask is no exception. It is looks well made and is significantly lighter than a tin flask I have that is about the same size. A couple concerns about it. While it is great that the lid is attached to the flask so you wont lose it I am concerned over the long term how it will hold up. There is an attachment loop for the lid that looks well attached but I would worry that a serious knock might bend or tear it out. Titanium typically doesnt bend and thus this could be a weak area. A bit of care in use though and it should provide any problem. The other concern is the separate funnel. It is a separate plastic funnel. Easily lost or misplaced. Other than these concerns and they are only concerns not born out of anything happening I am very happy with it and would recommend it.

            Great flask and affortable

            This flask is light weight and well crafted. Perfect for backpacking, bike packing or wherever your adventure takes you.

            Quality Ti that feels great in hand and for peace of mind

            Super light without a trace of any detectable flavors right out of the box! I really like the feel of the flask in my hand the shape makes me feel like James Bond or something ;) This is an AWESOME addition to my gear, it doesn't leak and after initial tests with rum, tequila, and scotch I didn't taste any metal leachate! I know I will be able depend on this flask for an upcoming two week trip. I do own a Snowpeak flask this Ti flask is on par. I have a good sense of smell and I buy Ti for this exact reason, I love that I can put my face up to it and not even tell it's there. The etching on the corner is sleek and I appreciate the cleanliness of the packaging and the included funnel. Thanks

            R. Blass
            Well made great feel

            Well made and very sleek. No flavor at all. I love the look and feel of it.

            Primo Flask

            Im gonna shoot straight here, this flask is pretty awesome. Definately lightweight, no "metally" taste or smell added to liquor after staying sealed for long like stainless steel. Great craftmanship and the hinge is not dainty or riveted like my last Stanley flask. Work the few extra bucks here guys. Came with a funnel (DO NOT LOSE IT) and a nice soft bag to carry it