Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple

Z1 Propanflaschenadapter

Normaler Preis$14.95

Der LPG-Adapter eignet sich zum Anpassen von Propankanistern im LPG-Stil für die Verwendung mit kompatiblen Schraubkanisterkochern.

Es funktioniert gut und ist einfach zu bedienen. Entwickelt als kleiner Aufsatz für Ihre Gaskartusche. Schließen Sie den Adapter einfach an das Ventil der Gaskartusche an. Der LPG-Adapter wird automatisch geschlossen, wenn er nicht an den Ofen angeschlossen ist, um Gaslecks zu verhindern.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass alle Verbindungen fest sitzen, um Leckagen vor der Zündung zu vermeiden.

  • The LPG adapter is suitable for adapting LPG style propane canisters for use with compatible screw-top canister stoves.
  • It works well and is simple to use. Designed to be a small attachment to your canister, Simply connect the adapter onto the valve of the gas canister. The LPG adapter is Autoclosed when it is not connected to the stove to prevent gas leaks.
  • Be sure all connections are snug to prevent any leaks prior to ignition.

Kupfer, Aluminium

38g / 1,34oz

31 * 38,6 mm / 1,22 * 1,52 Zoll


F: Funktioniert dieser Adapter mit einem Fire Maple FMS-X2, sodass ich optional Propangas verwenden kann?
A: Ja, es funktioniert

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter

Harold Albery
Propane adapter

A must have for using 1 pound propane bottles.
Works very well.

Eric Nelson (US)
Great Tool

This item really expands your options if you’re a camper that tries to maximize space and opportunity. For instance, there are times I only bring a Jetboil flash on a trip. An iso butane fuel canister can be used for both the lantern and the Flash in this instance. However, when I bring the Jetboil Half Gen on a trip, it requires a propane canister. For those times I can use the cylinder adapter and use the propane canister with the lantern. The tiny adapter keeps me from having to carry two fuel sources and frees up precious packing space.

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter.

We are so glad to hear that it has been a great tool for you while camping, helping to maximize space and options.

We understand the struggle of carrying multiple fuel sources and are happy to hear that our adapter has helped free up precious packing space for you.

We hope you continue to enjoy using it on your future trips. Happy camping!

Gary LaFreniere (US)
Fit my propane bottle

It works great

Carlton Yee (US)
Great outdoor Stove

The Saturn Gas Stove was great this past weekend. We did a outdoot Training for the Scouting event. Now I am planning on buying another one.

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