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Easy Homemade Backpacking Meal

Backpacking is all about getting out there with nature. It's a pastime that requires strength and skill. Not only will you need to have the proper gear but you want to make sure that you have the right food.

For a 1-3 night hike, you can choose some delicious ingredients without thinking about weight, volume, etc. Just treat yourself well.
But for hikes longer than 3 days, the best foods are those that are packaged and don't require refrigeration.
In this article, you will find all kinds of ideas to make your hiking trip the very best.

Easy Homemade Backpacking Meal

Backpacking recipes does not need to be complicated. In fact, they are so simple to make that all you need to do is weigh and prepare the ingredients at home beforehand. One thing to keep in mind: prioritize what you eat based on the freshness of the ingredients as well as the weight, and when you eat can help you lose weight at the end of the trip.

Here are 4 great backpacking recipes that you can easily do. Give your body energy and nutritional value after a long day of hiking.
1. Precooked chicken + instant rice + dried broccoli + olive oil + soy sauce
2. refried beans + instant macaroni + cheddar cheese + chili powder
3. Bacon bits + mashed potatoes + egg powder
4. Tortilla + tomato sauce + cheese + pepperoni

Don't forget to bring your cookware, Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware meets your cooking requirements. You can decide exactly which cookware to bring depending on your recipe and number of people. Of course you can also bring the whole set with you, they are compact and lightweight and will not be a burden to you.


Other Backpacking Meal Tips

  • Bag everything: Repackaging food in reusable bags or containers may help minimize the amount of cumbersome packing that comes with many items, resulting in less food waste. By the way, don't forget to pack spices and condiments, which are the key tools to make your cuisine great.
  • Food storage: In backcountry, make sure to manage your food properly. You may pick the bear canister, which is highly essential for animal protection!
  • Test your recipes at home: Just like testing your stove or cookware at home first, it's excellent practice to try new prospective camping recipes at home.
  • Leave no trace: Pack up your waste and uneaten food and transport it away from nature. We walk into nature to enjoy the adventure because we adore everything about it.