With a passion for the camping, our founder, David Lv, has been out to adventure every week in his 20s. Chasing incredible views and enjoying meals and coffee in different environments.  After trying all kinds of cook systems on the market, he realized that reliable camping gears are very vital.

In 2003, under the shock of the vast and beautiful orange-red landscape in a red maple leaf forest, David Lv ignited the name of FireMaple.

Fire Maple believes cooking in the great outdoors should be as easy and delicious as the indoors. Our line of camp cooking gear, is meticulously designed and well-priced to help you make fresh and healthy meals.

We are passionate about food, cooking, eating, and we believe they are all interconnected. Our connections to food are personal and collective, extending across histories, cultures and time.
Our passion to cook has driven us to expect great meals in some of our favorite places and test our gear in the harshest environments.

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