Gingko Cowhide leather Work Gloves

Offering high temperature and cut resistance, it provides excellent protection for your hands.

Unleash Outdoor

Lava Multi-fuel Backpacking Stove

What to Choose

Be it an ultralight, a bushcraft, or a mobile kitchen. Find the Fire Maple cooking system or stove that's best for you.

Your Portable On-the-Go Cooking System

Level up your food experience

Don’t compromise on your taste buds and food quality while being on-the-go.

Recent Launch
This features multiple fuel options, high power, and high thermal efficiency, allowing you to cook up delicious meals quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are.
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Perfect Pick
Our Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware is a best-selling product and a perfect fit for all mobile kitchen needs.
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revolutionary choice for extreme cold

FireMaple's revolutionary micro regulating technology provides incremental heat adjustments from light simmer to full boil, making it works flawlessly in cold or harsh temperatures and offers a simmer control for a range of cooking situations.

Gears designed for the perfect open fire cooking experience.
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Ultralight Backpacking
Extremely portable, easy-to-use, and ultra-lightweight tools for adventurers.
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About Fire Maple

One fine morning in a red maple leaf forest changed my life. An idea sparks in my mind and becomes into reality. Yes, my own range of portable outdoor stoves, lanterns, and cooking ranges. It is here for every passionate camper and traveler out there. For I believe travelers should not compromise on good food.

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I'm completely happy with my purchase. I was able to get a boil in a minute or 2 in the field in Alaska just before the snow fall. This is a must buy if you're not looking to spend the extra cash for a JetBoil.

Los Angeles, CA

Awesome stove,well worth the price. Light weight for every back pack hiking trip or for camping trip. The best stove I bought yet.

the United Kingdom

Sur les faces, 2 sont ajourées pour permettre d'ajouter du bois, mais cela empêche de garder les braises correctement dans le foyer, il aurait fallu ajouter une grille pour permettre d'éviter cela...
Et le montage s'effectue en 3 minutes.


Product arrived on time and was very compact. All components were light weight and of good quality with the size of the pots fitting my cook stove top perfectly.

the United States

This is the most compact burner I’ve seen, and it performs very well. 1 cup cold water boils in 1 minute 30 seconds. When unfolding it, be sure the valve is closed before screwing it onto the fuel canister. Due to the valve being slightly open when folded up.


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Los Angeles, CA