Write For Us

We appreciate your willingness to contribute to Fire Maple and look forward to having you join our lineup of guest authors. Join us as a Guest Post Writer at Fire Maple if you find our work interesting and think you can provide our readers with even more useful information.

What you get in return:

  • We will provide you with a backlink to the website where you want to direct your audience.
  • Keep a journal of your travels.
There's no need to code up a website just so you can document and show off your amazing journey.
A bio of the writer is included (you can promote your own portfolio, website, and a short bio.)
  • Product discounts.Yes, we can offer you some unique discounts.
  • Free outdoor cooking supplies. We are developing products and require testers. You might get some new gear to test and review.

Here are some general ideas for what we will publish:

  • Gear Guides/ Reviews: Must have gear for hiking, camping, backpacking, etc…
  • Outdoor Recipes: Best camping foods or your go to menu
  • Route and Great places you have been.
  • A story from one of your trips.
  • Backpacking Guides: Complete References for your incredible journeys. Or Road trip boredom busters etc
  • Skills: Survival skills/ Tips for shooting while traveling

Ready to Write?

Simply send us your proposed topic, and we'll get back to you to talk about how to proceed if we think it's a good fit.