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Shipping Protection
Kfed72 (US)
Shipping protection.

It didn't cost much but it wasn't used. I have no idea if Firemaple would follow through if the product was damaged in shipping.


Top quality products. Highly recommend to everyone

Sunflower Gas Camping Stove
Clark Cronquist (US)
No show!

Hard to review something that has yet to be delivered.


This is the ultimate bush pot in my opinion. The steamer is great also as a small strainer to rinse beans etc. The locks on the lid are very practical and adds to the versatility of this pot.

Well-made and super bright

This is a great little lantern that speaks quality in its construction and design. Great choice also for emergencies as it will easily illuminate a room.

Works well if the weather is fair

I've used my stove for one weekend camping trip, primarily for boiling water. Yes, the ignition switch is awesome. The stove lights easily when there is no breeze. One morning though it turned off without there seeming to be a reason. No breeze, no rain...I turned around when I didn't hear it in the background and it had gone out. I started it again though without issue.

Unable to use it yet

Lantern came with a broken glass globe. Support helped to send a replacement, but since it comes from China it still has not arrived and it’s been several weeks since I have received the lamp.

Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter
Michel Desjardins (CA)
Z1 propane adapter

On camping hi always have propane cylinder.

Sunflower Gas Camping Stove
Rodney Slattum (US)
Cooking and heating with gas

Excellent quality and works as promised. I am so happy. Beautiful unit and it puts out the heat for such a compact piece of equipment.


Great pot as advertised.
Love locking lid, and sloping base for cleaning.

Good product. Much cheaper on Amazon

It took weeks to arrive.
If I had only checked Amazon first I would have saved over $12 each.

Great stove

Everything I bought to date from Firemaple has been excellent and this item did not disappoint me. It's well made and lights easily. Very quiet in operation and produces lots of heat. Great for use in a hunting blind.

Saturn Gas Stove With Portable Grill Pan set

I was very impressed with the quality of the Saturn Gas Stove and Grill Pan! The case was a nice touch as well. I wanted something that wasn't real small for cooking larger items on and I believe this will work perfectly! FireMaple has really nice gear for a great price! I have to say if you're considering getting one you won't be disappointed! I am definitely happy with my purchase.

Koby Hopton (CA)
Awesome TINY stove.

Bought it to replace my pocket rocket.
Did what I wanted it to.

Thanks guys!!!

Anywhere anytime

I bought this as its compact and uses the same gas as my jetboil I already have. I have used it twice now both out with mates 4wding. We stop on the side of the tracks and cook dinner and then are able to quickly pack up and continue on 4wding with full belly's. 😀
The plan is to use it as my only cooking source this Christmas when camping along with the pots and kettle . Then in 2024 on a huge 4 week camping trip out into the centre if Australia with my dad it will be our cooking system 😀
The unit is amazing, easy to use and clean with just a simple wipe over. The turbo mode by turning over the gas canister is awesome and cooks really evenly.

Orange Gas Lantern
Sterphen Hoegner (US)
Orange gas lantern

Works great and very bright on high of course. On low it is not bright, just a candle sized flame. Adequate for ambient lighting but that's it. I bought this more for heat production than light, as it will definitely warm up a small space even on low. So it fulfilled my purchase goal

Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware
Perry Justice (US)
Time to eat!

The Fire Maple cookware set is very lightweight and easy to care in a backpack. I use it for camping and fishing. I love it!

Great for cowboy cofeee!

I use this all the time even in my house on the stove. The pour spout is nice for getting your coffee out grounds free, just pour slow. I can coax a cup for me and one for my wife.

Shipping Protection
s gallwitz (US)

Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection
Luis Ortiz (US)

I do t like shipping g originating in Asian countries. Takes to long and those products should be sold through Amazon or Walmart. Let them handle shipping.

Another great product!

This is a great stove! Build quality is excellent. I would recommend this product!

Works great but

The only reason I know it works great is from using my brother in laws on our hunt. I order this unit on the Tuesday after Labor Day It finally was shipped 11 days later. I left on Thursday it came on Saturday did me no good!!

Shipping Protection
James Drinnon (US)

Shipping Protection

Click start is great . using it a lot so far and would buy for a friend .

Great product!!

The actual product is great!! Although I didn’t receive any of the “needle cleaners” it’s supposed to come with.