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Sunflower grill plate

I absolutely love it. Fricking awesome to make a brat,dogs or a burger. I hope a pan version comes out to make bacon or scrambled eggs. I'd love to demo one and review it.

Orange Gas Lantern
Jade Harris (US)

Have not tried yet. 1 is a gift at end of month.

Works great!

I have my Petrel paired with the hornet stove and it works great.

No need for a wind block the way the stove prongs set into the heat exchanger.

Excellent product, I have two and use them for hiking and search and r, love them.escue

This is my second kit, I purchased this one so I don't have to keep moving my cook kit from packs. I use these on hiking, weekend, long stay camping and search and rescue events. They are perfect for all activities and have never failed me...rapidly boils water and great for cooking...

Orange Gas Lantern
Samuel Robinson (US)
Great product

Bought this to add a bit of ‘ambience’ for a beachfront balcony where the wind makes it difficult for traditional candle light…works great, considering the glass enclosure, and adjustable flame. Top quality, the finish and leather canister cover takes it from a mere camping lantern to the next level, delivery was quick, and the plastic storage container will come in handy. We love it.


The bottom compartments are spacious enough for decent sized snacks. It's an interesting and clever design. I wanted this to be apart of my lunch kit. The price is great for what it is.


Should work fine.

Antarcti Pot 1.5L is perfect

This pot has all I wanted. It's stainless steel, so it will last to future generations, capacity is ideal for 2 people or solo, it's kind of lightweight, lighter than many other pots of similar size, it has great lid with a sturdy plastic clip that wont heat too much so that you can probably put a wire on it and use the handle to hold the lid in place. The handle has the best design of all pots I think: it's very solid and it will lock into down position and unlocks by pressing a small holder down. The handle has a nice plastic cover and it wont scratch anything. Lid plastic ring can be placed upwards as well, there's a small notch on the lid that holds it if you want.
And what's very important to me, you can place a 230g gas can inside the pot (without the plastic hat) and you'll be able to close it inside with the lid as well. I cover the gas can with a fabric napkin so it won't move or dirt/scratch the surface. Just perfect. I bet you can use this on open fire as well and clean with a dishwasher.
The 1.5L pot came with a surprise of 2x Tritan plastic cups that withstand 100°C. Also comes with a great breathing bag that has silky strings, I like.


Feels excellent. It comes with a solid plastic box and when you put it inside the box, it wont shake at all inside there. Well measured by the designers. The materials seem to be great quality. The flame radius is bigger than on some other brands stoves. This flame radius size feels quite optimal in my opinion, so you'll be able to heat the pots and pans evenly. What I like most is that the 3 folding wings that hold the pots on top of the stove feel very sturdy and clip into their position very smoothly. With some other brands the wings feel clumsy and weak. Having 3 folding wings is the optimal design, since it will keep the pots stable even if they weren't somehow exactly on the same level, depending on terrain etc. Overall well thought and manufactured product, I recommend, but haven't used it out in the nature yet. I bought this Polaris stove, a 8" fry pan and a 1,5L pot. All 3 are stainless steel.


First impression is excellent looking and feeling stainless steel pan. The handle feels good, but just so you know, it's not detachable. I think it's nice that way. I like the whole design of the pan. It feels good quality and practical. The pan has some weight, but that's how it should be, in my opinion. I'm using this mostly with car camping and shorter trips, not ultra long hikes or anything like that. I want a solid pan that lasts to the next generations and you can fry multiple beef steaks with. I think you can use this pan on an open fire as well, since the aluminium layer is in between the stainless steel layers on the bottom (outer layer is steel). You can probably put this pan in a dishwasher as well. Pouring beak is nice to have. The handle and its moving lock part feels good. You can easily turn the pan and the handle will hold. Handle location on the bottom gives a solid feel to the pan. I have a Msr stainless steel Alpine plate and it fits as a lid over this Firemaple pan if needed. I couldn't find a stainless steel plate from Firemaple (hint!). Msr frying pan is lighter and smaller and the outer layer is aluminium I think. It didn't feel as solid as this Firemaple pan, so I chose Firemaple and I'm very happy with the choice. I haven't used the pan yet, but I bet it will be great.

Sandglass LED Camping Lantern
Michael sprigings (CA)
So bright I gotta wear shades!

Firstly, this thing is adorable! It’s so tiny it fits in the palm of my hand but behaves like the big boys in light output. I’m a sucker for long burn times so I usually use it on the minimum setting and your eyes do adjust. It’s just the right light to have a rousing conversation over a pint. Loves me my adorable ‘banisher of the dark’.

Orange Gas Lantern
J.M.B. (US)
What cleaning pin/tool?

In reading all of the comments, people are making reference to a "Cleaning needle/tool" that comes with the Lantern. I just opened the box and there is no cleaning tool/pin included. I was told its small but there is absolutely nothing in the box. Judging by the price of this, I would think this would not be missed. How can I get this?

Hi there, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any confusion regarding the cleaning tool/pin. Please reach out to our customer service team with your order number and we will be more than happy to send you the missing tool. Thank you for choosing our Orange Gas Lantern and we hope you enjoy your product. Have a great day!


nice comforting flame

Portable Grill Pan
Lee Villari (MX)
Nice grill…

Love this grill. Perfect for grilling without the hassle of bringing bulky.

Bacchus Titanium Hip Flask
Michael sprigings (CA)
Awesome Hooch Hauler

Oh I have had many flasks in my time but none as fine as this one. I bought it as a treat to myself and I can say that I’m glad I did. I love the look of the flat grey of the titanium and the way it doesn’t leak. Top notch kit this.

Feast 4 Aluminum Cookware
Mariela Gerstein (US)
Super happy with the quality, the portability and weight of the cookware. Great design!

Super happy with the quality, the portability and weight of the cookware. Great design!

Solid stove

Used this stove recently on a motorbike camping trip. Doesn’t take up much space although it is somewhat larger than most camping stoves but it’s solidly built to last.
Ignition button works effortlessly and the folding resting arms are a good idea.
My riding mate was so impressed he’s looking to purchase one himself.

Probably the most effective pot for heat transfer

Yep, tried the classic boil test, on my MSR stove, which slots nicely into the bottom of the Petrel Pot, chucked in 500ml of water, boils super fast, beat my jetboil flash. Slots in the bottom means the stove sits close to the bottom of the pot and the heat exchanger then works as an effective wind shield.
Stove and gas canister fits inside the pot, so make a great light combination. All in all very pleased.

Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube

Star X1 Cooking System
Rick Romina (CA)
Good product.

This product meets my expectation, pretty solid..

Shipping Protection
Roy Hill (US)

Shipping Protection

Firefly Camping Gas Lantern
Mark Milhollen (US)

Great addition deck. Just the right amount of light

Fire Maple Saturn Gas Stove

The Fire Maple Saturn gas stove is great, well built, and works like a dream. A strong flame that will heat a cast iron skillet in no time. Compact and stores well in the carry case. A great product.

Great combo

Great grill did you ever think on making a flat smooth griddle the ridges make it impossible to cook something’s


Love the griddle and stove any planes to make a smooth surface the ridges limit what you can cook