FMS-300T GAS STOVE - Fire Maple
FMS-300T GAS STOVE - Fire Maple
FMS-300T GAS STOVE - Fire Maple
FMS-300T GAS STOVE - Fire Maple
300-T Titanium Backpacking Stove - Fire Maple
300-T Titanium Backpacking Stove - Fire Maple


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300-T is an award-winning, very light and small yet powerful stove that weighs only 45g (1.6 oz) and is ideal for outdoor adventures as well as weekend camping. Combined with a collection of subtle engineering refinements to increase overall efficiency, the 300-T Titanium stove boiling 1 liter of water in 3.5 minutes! This stove provides one of the greatest overall cooking experiences in its ultralight class for hikers going fast and light on the trail. We believe that outdoor lovers would like the Wasp's key material, titanium, because it is as light as lipstick and satisfies our durability requirements.

- Small stove pan, but can spread the fire over a large area and heats very evenly.

-The folding volume is comparable to that of a lipstick and may be kept in any set of cookware.

- Titanium is known for its low weight, great strength, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.



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    Material: Titanium Alloy / Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Copper

    Power: 8800 BTU

    Weight: 45g, 1.59 oz

    Size: Unfolded 85 x 68.5 mm / Folded 37 x 52 mm

    Boil Time: 3min 50sec per liter

    Q: Can I use any brand gas canister for this?
    A: Yes, as long as it is the backpacking type with a Lindal valve (short squatty canister usually with domed top and concave bottom). The taller cylindrical 1lb green canisters won’t work. They have a different valve for multi burner type car camping stoves.

    Ultra Lightweight & Portable

    It is exceptionally lightweight, weighs only 45 grams, and therefore can be very easily stored, carried, and used.

    Foldable and Reliable

    Once it folds, it measures 37 x 52 mm and is comparable to lipstick. Therefore, it allows for outstanding portability and can be easily stored.

    Highyly Efficient

    Featuring an adjusted distribution that's spread over a large area. It allows for quick heating. In addition, it also works quite well with the LPG adapter for Coleman-style gas bottles.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    C Holliman
    Well worth it

    This is the second stove I have from Fire-Maple. Yes the first one is still working perfect. I have probably around 15 different stoves but this is the one I take when I am planning on cooking at lower and broader pattern of the flame( frying fish, cooking pancakes, using the frying pan). Also works perfect for just boiling water. Very light weight and sturdy. If you are only looking for one stove, then this is the one. Best all around.

    Wesley Staats
    Stable, even burning stove

    I love this stove. My BRS stove kept buckling under weights over 1l of water. This stove can handle much more weight and the pot is much more stable. The broader flame allows you to simmer foods without burning and allows me to be able to cook more foods like quesadillas and eggs in my titanium pot without burning. It's a bit more expensive but still a lot cheaper than MSR stoves and SOTO stoves.


    great for distributing heat

    Wax (US)
    Tested Only

    Honestly haven’t used it in backcountry yet. Bought as a backup to my primary stove.
    Higher quality than my friend’s BRS knockoff.

    Donny Smith (US)
    Great little stove

    Everything I expected

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