Limited Warranty

Fire Maple provides 3-year limited warranty to all of our products. As long as you are the original purchaser, and the product is not working properly under normal use, you can contact Fire Maple or Fire Maple’s local distributors for return or repair process information.

Fire Maple or Fire Maple’s distributors will repair or replace the product and return it to you free of charge.

If you are located outside of the United States,
Send us a message to learn the Fire Maple distributor where you live. 

The 3-year limited warranty provided by Fire Maple covers defects caused by materials and manufacturing only, it does NOT cover lost, stolen, and any damage or malfunction caused by misuse, modification, negligence, improper maintenance, and normal wear and tear.

If your Fire Maple product was damaged for reasons outside of materials or manufacturing, Fire Maple and Fire Maple distributors can repair or replace your product for a reasonable fee + shipping.