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Essential Tips for Making Coffee While Camping and Backpacking

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee while venturing on an outdoor adventure is not only a delightful and refreshing experience but also provides a much-needed energy boost to improve your hiking performance. The caffeine content in coffee plays a key role in enhancing stamina, boosting hiking performance.

You might think brewing a delicious cup of coffee is straightforward, even when venturing into the great outdoors, far away from the comforts of a well-equipped kitchen. However, the reality is that this simple task can quickly become a daunting challenge without the necessary coffee gear and knowledge of outdoor coffee-making techniques.

Therefore, its essential to carry the right coffee tools, beans, add-ins, stove, and other gear to make a good cup of coffee. This guide will help you better equip yourself with the right gear and coffee before heading for hiking or camping.

Common Coffee-Making Techniques

To choose the right gear for hiking and camping, let's first understand the most frequently used coffee-making techniques:

Pour-Over Technique

Pouring hot water over freshly ground coffee beans slowly ensures the flavour is thoroughly extracted; it's like a slow cooking technique.

French Press

Put the coarse coffee grounds in boiled water for a few minutes, then use the filter to separate the liquid from the coffee leftovers.


Forces highly pressurized hot water through the finely ground coffee, resulting in a concentrated and aromatic shot of espresso.


Choosing the Right Coffee Equipment for Outdoor

Now that we have explained some of the standard methods, and probably if you are a coffee lover, you will already be familiar with them. You should invest in coffee equipment according to the coffee method you like most and consider whether you are backpacking or camping since the weight will also be crucial.

In most backpacking cases, you won't be able to carry the big and heavy gear. However, with the advancement in outdoor gear, plenty of lightweight, portable, and durable coffee makers are available that can do the job during camping or hiking.

If you are backpacking or hiking, portable and durable coffee makers are critical, depending on how frequently you use them. French presses, for instance, are popular due to their simplicity, lightweight design, and ability to brew flavourful and robust coffee.

Pour-over system also produces high-quality coffee with less effort. Also, ensure you carry a stove or a portable propane-powered burner along with the kettle.

The Orca Pour Over Coffee Filter from Fire Maple is an excellent choice for backpackers and campers. This is a lightweight and budget-friendly but durable option due to the High-quality stainless steel material, which doesn't rust with extended use. Its compact size makes it highly versatile, as it can be used with various mugs or containers.

Orca Pour Over Coffee Filter from Fire Maple

You can also buy Orca pour-over coffee kettle and filter set if you don't have a separate kettle.


Types of Coffee Beans

Different coffee bean types, such as Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa, are available in the market, which vary in taste and flavour. They come from different origins.

Additionally, each type has countless variations to explore, such as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe's floral undertones or Brazilian Santos' nutty aroma. We will not go into much detail about these beans, but it was to give you an idea if you were unaware.

Instant Coffee Options

Instant coffee is the go-to choice for many hikers and backpackers. In fact, the majority of them use it due to minimal equipment and preparation effort. Not only do they save time and energy, but they also provide a sufficient caffeine boost during outdoor adventures.

Moreover, with technological advancements and growing demand, many instant coffees now offer premium flavours comparable to freshly brewed cups. However, some of these options are a little expensive compared to fresh coffee beans, but if you value time and effort, then instance coffee is a great option.

We suggest choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Storing Coffee Beans for Backpacking Trips

Instant coffee packets come in proper water-tight packing that is not only good but also lightweight and compact. However, you need special care if you are taking coffee beans as you might encounter rain or wet weather, which is common in the mountains.

There are different handy and easy ways to store the coffee in your pack. For example, airtight container or vacuum-sealing bags specifically designed for coffee storage is crucial. They will protect the beans or grounds from moisture, oxygen, and light exposure that could result in premature deterioration.

You should also keep the container or pack away from direct sunlight and high temperatures to maintain the flavour of coffee. If grinding is impossible on-site due to weight constraints, pre-ground coffee should be packed in small portions in sealed containers or bags for individual use.


Recommendations for Delicious Add-ins to Enhance Camping Coffee Experience

Some people prefer additional add-ins to change the taste and flavour occasionally, so there are plenty of options that vary from person to person. For example, flavoured syrups, such as vanilla or caramel, are good options to add sweetness and different flavour touch to coffee. Some prefer powdered milk as it enhances flavour when adding it to their coffee.

Quality powdered milk guarantees an excellent taste profile, making the coffee experience more enjoyable. Additionally, professional campers appreciate the long shelf life, so taking fresh milk is not feasible.

Another popular choice is powdered hot chocolate mix, which can transform a regular black coffee into a rich mocha delight.

Eco-friendly Practices

Our collective responsibility is to save nature for the future generation through eco-friendly practices. You cannot just through coffee leftover packets while camping. It is essential to approach the issue with responsibility and environmental consciousness.

One effective method is to reuse the coffee grounds by incorporating them into composting.  

It is crucial to ensure the coffee grounds are completely dry before adding them to the compost, as moisture can hinder decomposition and attract pests.

Another option is burying the coffee grounds in small holes around the campsite away from water sources and trails, allowing them to break down naturally over time. Also, use eco-friendly packing, and we thank many companies worldwide who are well aware of this issue and provide eco-friendly packing.


Selecting the proper method of brewing is crucial. Options such as using a percolator or a portable French press can produce excellent results outdoors. Investing in quality coffee beans and properly grinding them before each brew will ensure optimal flavour extraction.

Furthermore, a reliable camping stove and kettle are necessary for any outdoor adventure. Choose a brewing method that suits your preferences and logistics; whether using a pour-over dripper or a lightweight French press, ensure that you have the necessary equipment and knowledge to achieve optimal extraction.

Finally, don't overlook the importance of water quality – opt for filtered or boiled water whenever possible to avoid undesirable flavours from impurities.

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