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How to Calculate and Carry Stove Fuel for Backpacking?

Accurately calculating and carrying stove fuel is crucial for backpacking trips. This article provides guidance on determining the appropriate amount of stove fuel based on your specific needs. Practical examples and calculation methods are included to help you effectively manage your cooking requirements while exploring the outdoors.

Understanding Travel Needs and Stove Performance

Before calculating and carrying stove fuel, it's important to consider your travel needs and the performance of your stove. Take into account the following factors:

  1. Travel Duration and Food Preparation: Determine the number of days you'll be backpacking, the frequency of meals you plan to cook each day, and the type of food you'll be preparing.

  2. Stove Type and Fuel Efficiency: Familiarize yourself with the stove type you'll be using and its corresponding fuel efficiency to select the appropriate fuel and calculate the fuel quantity.

FireMaple Stove Performance Data

Calculating Stove Fuel Quantity

Based on your travel needs and stove performance, follow these steps to calculate the required stove fuel quantity:

  1. Determine Fuel Consumption Rate: Stove often provide information on fuel consumption, such as grams per hour. If specific values are not available, you can estimate the consumption rate based on the stove specifications and user reviews.

  2. Calculate Fuel Consumption per Meal: Using the stove's consumption rate and the cooking time per meal, calculate the amount of fuel required for each meal.

  3. Determine Total Fuel Quantity: Multiply the fuel consumption per meal by the number of meals cooked per day, and then multiply that by the number of travel days to obtain the total fuel quantity.


Let's say you're planning a 5-day backpacking trip with two meals cooked per day, and each meal takes 20 minutes. You will be using the Fire Maple X2 cooking system, which has a consumption rate of about 158g/h.

  • Calculate Fuel Consumption per Meal:
    Fuel consumption rate = 158 grams/hour,
    Cooking time per meal = 20 minutes = 1/3 hour,
    Fuel consumption per meal = 158 grams/hour × 1/3 hour = 52.67 grams.
  • Determine Total Fuel Quantity:
    Daily fuel consumption = Fuel consumption per meal × Number of meals per day = 52.67 grams × 2 = 105.34 grams,
    Total fuel quantity = Daily fuel consumption × Number of travel days = 105.34 grams/day × 5 days = 526.7 grams.

FireMaple FMS-X2 cooking system

Considering Environmental Factors and Backup Fuel

When calculating fuel quantity, it's important to consider environmental factors and the need for backup fuel:

  1. Environmental Factors: Cold temperatures and high-altitude locations may result in faster fuel consumption. In such cases, it's recommended to carry extra backup fuel to account for unexpected situations.

  2. Wind Speed: Wind can affect stove combustion efficiency and increase fuel consumption. Opt for stoves with good wind resistance features to minimize fuel waste

By accurately calculating and carrying the appropriate amount of stove fuel, you can ensure your cooking and heating needs are met during your backpacking adventure. Consider your travel requirements, stove performance, environmental factors, and the need for backup fuel when calculating fuel quantity. Remember that specific circumstances may vary based on destination, climate conditions, and individual preferences. Prior to your trip, carefully research and evaluate your stove and fuel options, and adjust the fuel quantity calculations accordingly.