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Things You Can Easily Cook While Being On the Roads

Since summer has already begun, a camping trip to northern areas will surely be on your vacation list. Road trips are very wholesome; you get to experience a completely new life while taking a much-needed break from the mundane. The extent of your enjoyment during the trip depends significantly on food. Other than a vegetable stir fry recipe or an omelette for dinner, there are many other healthy food options that can bring variety to your table during the road trip.

Here are some mouthwatering food options that you must give a try and have a perfectly healthy meal as you travel:


You will never find a person claiming that they do not like sandwiches. Everyone has different recipes and preferences when it comes to sandwich preparation, but the delight it brings to everyone is equal. Preparing a sandwich during a road trip is easy if you come prepared from home.

Just pack some cheese slices, a sauce that you would like to add, cooked patty or whatever you want and chopped vegies if you like any. Reheat the patty in an Antarcti 8" Frypan, assemble the sandwich as per your choice and enjoy your meal. If you have ever been to a cooking summer camp, making a sandwich would have been an activity to remember.

Turkey or Chicken Wraps:

When we plan to cook during a road trip, we look for ease. Choosing to take along hygienic and easy-to-take food items is our goal. Like sandwiches, wraps are amazing items to elevate your meals. You just need some cooked Turkey or chicken for filling, tortilla, and sliced cheese. You can quickly prepare the wrap and enjoy a complete meal for your dinner and lunch. You can use your Antarcti 8" Frypan to heat the wrap once you are done assembling it.

Pasta Salads:

If you are heading for a short trip and want to prepare meals ahead of it, pasta salads are a great option for you. Add either your favourite canned vegies or chop the fresh ones, couple it with an Italian dressing or add other ingredients of your choice. Store it in an air-tight container, and you are good to go.

Greek Chicken:

Browsing for camping food no cooking options? Greek chicken has to be on your takeaway list. Grill the marinated chicken that you have cut in the form of strips. Pack along some fresh vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cucumber etc., as siders and serve it with naan or tortilla. For enhanced taste, do not forget to reheat the chicken in an Antarcti 1.2L stainless steel pot.

Pick Up Some Snacks or Read-to-Eat Food Items:

Snacks are the go-to option for your trip if you are not looking for food to cook while camping or a road trip. Chips, biscuits or cupcakes are to name a few. Alternatively you can simply take along some fresh fruits and prepare yourself a bowl, or add yoghurt to it for lunch. Dry cereal, dry fruits or popcorns can also make your meals interesting while you enjoy the wilderness of nature around you.

Healthy food items are essential to make your trip more fun and exciting. The more energy you get, the more likely you are to explore new places. Be wise with your meal choices because travelling occasionally takes a toll on your stomach. Better to avoid things that can cause bloating or nausea. Eat healthily!