Alti Titanium Coffee Cup / Pot - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup / Pot - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Coffee Cup / Pot
Alti Titanium Coffee Cup / Pot
Alti Titanium Cup - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup / Pot - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup / Pot - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup / Pot - Fire Maple
Lightweight Alti Titanium 300ml Cup - Fire Maple
Alti Titanium Cup / Pot - Fire Maple

Alti Titanium Coffee Cup / Pot

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FireMaple Alti Titanium mug is the perfect companion to your adventures.

The folding handle is ideally constructed to wrap around the curve of the mug's body when not being used, making packing a breeze.

The titanium camping cup is ultralight, yet it is also strong and long-lasting.

Ideal for backpacking, camping, traveling, outdoor activities, and bushcraft.

300ml Alti Titanium Cup
Material: Titanium
Weight: 63g / 2.2 oz,
Capacity: 300ml / 10 oz
Size: Unfolded - 115.8*81.5*81mm / 4.5*3.2*3.18in
Folded - 83.8*81.5*81mm / 3.3*3.2*3.18in

900ml Alti Titanium Pot
Material: Titanium
Weight: 188.7g / 6.6oz
Capacity: 900ml / 31.7us_oz
Size: Unfolded - 129.5*171*211.5mm / 5.1*6.7*8.3in;
Folded - 125*120*134mm / 4.9*4.7*5.3in;

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Durable Build

The Alti Titanium Cup/Pot is crafted using titanium. Thereby allowing it to be super light in weight and highly portable.

Innovative Handle Design

The product's handle is designed so you can leave it pointing upwards with confidence.

Made for Bushcraft

If you're looking for the perfect 1-lr boiler for making coffee, tea, and camp meals, as well as
sanitizing water for safe drinking and emergencies, this is the one for you.

Extremely Portable

The cup weighs only 63 grams, and the folding handle can be wrapped around the body when the cup is not being used.

3.9oz Ultralight Carry

Paired with the Firemaple Alti Titanium Cup/Pot, the whole set weighed at 3.9 oz only. it's the ultimate-lightweight bundle for boiling anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dave Dutro (US)
Excited to use it

I was looking for something a bit larger than my MSR ti pot. Mostly for winter fat biking.

Graeme J. Simpson
Both tough and light

This is an excellent camping mug,being both tough and light, which is nevertheless a little smaller than optimal.

Its also perfect for slipping into a pocket on a cycling ride, the handles tuck-in tightly against the body to ensure vital space required for its inclusion is minimised.

Expensive, but tough enough to take a hammering: it should last for years.

Bang on 63g

It's solidly made in a conventional design. Mine measured exactly the claimed 63g, so congrats Firemaple.

I've had a couple of Firemaple stoves, which were both well made and excellent value; this mug follows suit.

There are useful measuring marks on the side of the mug; the handle is comfortable, remains cool, and seems sturdy. The mug itself feels pretty strong, and so will likely survive being stuffed in a bag.

Combined with a lightweight spirit stove, this could be the ultralightweight cooking system I've been looking for!


This is a fantastic cup for taking away with you on your travels! This is fairly lightweight. You have two fold out handles, when joined together they create a sturdy little handle, which holds the cup well even when it's full.

Portable Titanium Mug

A useful little mug for camping, with a foldable handle.
Small capacity - but great to have for camping for any variety of uses.
Well made, good quality, great value, and recommended by us.

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