Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple
Z1 LPG Propane Canister Adapter - Fire Maple

Z1 Propane Cylinder Adapter

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The LPG adapter is suitable for adapting LPG style propane canisters for use with compatible screw-top canister stoves.

It works well and is simple to use.  Designed to be a small attachment to your canister, Simply connect the adapter onto the valve of the gas canister. The LPG adapter is Autoclosed when it is not connected to the stove to prevent gas leaks.

Be sure all connections are snug to prevent any leaks prior to ignition.

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Copper, Aluminum

38g / 1.34oz

31*38.6mm / 1.22*1.52in


Q: Will this adpter work with a fire maple fms-x2, so i can use propane fuel as an option?
A: Yes, It works

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Glen Sweezey
Does the job right.

Very well made adapter for hikers stoves. Looks good and does exactly what it's made for. Even arrived early.

vitaliy belyushin
The perfect adapter for my Coleman propane fuel cylinders

Id like to have a B087M2KQS7 FireMaple Polaris Gas Fuel Canister Folding Backpacking Stove , which has a built-in fuel regulator. I want to get a folding backpacking stove and the FireMaple propane cylinder adapter is exactly the accessory I need. I do have a lot of Coleman Propane Fuel Cylinders for backpacking or camping needs. This little cylinder adapter fits perfectly on these Coleman cylinders.

I removed the cap on the top of the Coleman cylinder and quickly screwed on this adapter. It fit quite well and I didnt have any problems. I did remove it and only felt / heard a small amount of gas being released. I have several different types of stoves, including a fold-up Sterno, but would like to have the ability to use propane. It burns cleanly and I wont have a leftover Sterno can to tote around or recycle.

The Firemaker propane cylinder adapter will easily fit in a backpack as it measures 1.22 x 1.52 (31*38.6mm) and weighs a mere 1.34 ounces (38g). Its constructed of copper and aluminum, a durable combo. Definitely am pleased with this adapter and how well it fits on my Coleman cylinders.

Adam b
Works very well, no leaks

I got this to adapt a big Coleman propane tank to a foldable mini stove which had a different, smaller cap. This bridged the gap and made them compatible, now I don't have to pay the insane prices for the smaller butane containers.

Easy to use, well made

Works like a charm and fits into the hard case that came with my camp stove. Super easy and well made.

Harold F. Sheriff

this is agreat little adapter. it is solid if you are looking for lightweight this ain't it. solid steel not aluminum like some i have seen. i would definitely buy it again and i wouldnt hesitate to recommend this to everybody