Fire Maple Awards

1.Woodpecker Titanium Spork

ISPO Award Fire Maple Woodpecker Ti Spork
The “Titanium Spork With Function Of Gas Canister Punch“ by Fire Maple is Gold Winner of ISPO Award 2018 in the segment Outdoor, category Camping Accessories.

Product description:

This ultralight titanium spork is ideal for backpackers, climbers and campers. We added a movable nail to the handle, making it a simple lever to let you easily punch a hole into a gas canister. The product is made of titanium, net weight 23g.

Jury statement:

"Thanks to an integrated tool, holes can be made in gas cartridges, making them more compact and easier to transport and dispose of.“
(Prof. Kuno Prey | Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

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2.BORE Tea Kettle and Drinkware

Fire Maple Bore Tea Kettle ISPO Award

Category: Cookers

Product description: 

Evolving from the traditional Chinese teapot, BORE, the titanium teaware, was developed specifically for the Asian market. It includes a teapot, a percolator, two cups, and a linen bag. All the main parts of the teaware are made of lightweight and healthy titanium. All components can be stored inside the teapot for easy transport.     

Jury statement: 

This is a perfect product combining modern materials and manufacture technologies with traditional Chinese culture elements. It's a modern take on ancient tradition, enhancing the quality of outdoor activities.

Coming Soon

3.300-T Ultralight Titanium Stove

300T Fire Maple ISPO Award Titanium Backpacking Stove

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