Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple
Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube - Fire Maple

Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube

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Saturn stove offers 4,400W-11,000W of powerful heating, with dual preheat tubes facilitating uninterrupted gas flow. An integrated igniter makes ignition simple.

  • With an impressive 4,400W-11,000W of power, this stove delivers the heat you need
  • Dual preheat tubes ensure smooth gas delivery, while the included igniter makes lighting a breeze.
  • Withstand heavy pots and pans ranging from 25-30cm in diameter
  • Keep your food secure and stable while you cook

Material: Stainless Steel,Aluminum Alloy, Copper

Unfolded Size: 250X118mm,9.8X4.6in

Folded Size :180X92mm,7X3.6in

Power: 15000BTU, 4.4kW, 338g/h

  • 4400W in positive condition; 11000W in inverted condition.

Weight: 1010g,2.2Ib

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Perfect Meal Anywhere Anytime

Cook great meals anywhere, anytime with our versatile stove. Perfect for outdoor adventures and culinary excellence on the go.

High-Power for Any Weather

Elevate your outdoor cooking with our high-powered stove. With 4,400W-11,000W heat, dual preheat tubes, and a convenient igniter, enjoy delicious meals in any weather. Boost your culinary passion today!

Sturdy Legs for Large Cookware

Get unmatched stability and durability with our heavy-duty stove. Sturdy legs support 25-30cm pots and pans, while the hollow leg design enhances wind resistance for worry-free outdoor cooking.

The Set Everyone Needs

Saturn Gas Stove plus Portable Grill Pan. Enjoy a delicious meal outdoor with family and friends that's sure to please all!

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Walter F (CA)
Looks like a good piece of equipment

I have yet to fully stress test the stove, but my initial impressions are positive. It has significant BTU power and a sturdy construction, with legs designed to support large pans or even Dutch ovens. Overall, it stands out compared to regular stoves but feels a little short of quality compared to premium ones. However, I have safety concerns about two specific parts: the preheating tubes are not made of brass, unlike other stoves, so I'm unsure how this plated metal will handle expansion and continuous use, after few tests the nickel appearance of the preheating tube is gone and it looks like bare metal is going to remain from now on, this is not an issue necessarily but I dont understand why they didn’t stick to the typical brass that is well proven to resist continuous expansion over heat. Additionally, the heat distribution could be improved. The heating “vaporizing block” is located on the lower level of the stove, directly exposed and made of plated metal. This block is directly connected to the hose, which has a rubber interior. Continuous heat transmission might negatively affect the rubber over extended usage. I plan to use the stove more frequently, but for now, these two potential issues remain unconfirmed. That's why I'm giving this stove 4 stars.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for our Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube. We appreciate your initial positive impressions and we are glad to hear that the stove has significant BTU power and a sturdy construction.

We understand your concerns regarding the preheating tubes not being made of brass and the heat distribution. We would like to assure you that our stove has been designed and tested to ensure safety and durability. However, we will take note of your feedback and pass it along to our product development team for future improvements.

We would love for you to continue using the stove and we are confident that it will meet your expectations. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing our product and we hope you have many enjoyable cooking experiences with our Saturn Gas Stove.

Best regards,

Jessie Liao (AU)
Nice and light.

This wood stove is very light and compact. When opened, it 29x29cm. It is just the right size and is very useful for barbecues.

Lawrence Bruno (US)

Great stove. I'm looking forward to taking it camping.

Andrew Brown (GB)
Solid stove

Used this stove recently on a motorbike camping trip. Doesn’t take up much space although it is somewhat larger than most camping stoves but it’s solidly built to last.
Ignition button works effortlessly and the folding resting arms are a good idea.
My riding mate was so impressed he’s looking to purchase one himself.

Karen Green (US)

Saturn Gas Stove with Preheat Tube

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