Star X3 Cooking System for Coffee
Star X3 Cooking System for Coffee
Fixed-Star 3 Solo Cooking System - Fire Maple
Star X3 Cooking System - Fire Maple
Star X3 Cooking System - Fire Maple
Star X3 Cooking System - Fire Maple
Star X3 Cooking System - Fire Maple
Star X3 Cooking System - Fire Maple

Star X3 Cooking System for Coffee

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The 0.8 liter X3 cooking system from FireMaple is the ideal cooking system for solo usage, as it is very sturdy and efficient. Optimized for efficiency, Fixed-Star X3 allows you to bring water to a boil up to 30% quicker than traditional camping stoves. You can simply enjoy your meal with a handy, dependable push-button igniter that starts heating quickly.

The all-in-one system nests in the pot for convenient packaging and installation, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your adventures.

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Material: Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Silicone / Copper

Power: 7500 BTU

Weight: 600g / 21.2 oz

Size: Unfolded 254 x 246 mm / Folded 133 x 185 mm

Boil Time: 1min 42sec per 0.5 liter

Q: Will the stand fit other sized gas cans?
A: Absolutely, it will fit 110, 220/230 and 350G stands, which is basically "all" gas cans of this particular style

Q: What kind of canisters is it compatible with? Is it compatible with jet boil cartridges as they seem readily available?
A: It's compatible with just about every brand of canister. The only one you have to watch out for is the Coleman brand. Not just the big green one, but for some reason, they made the adapter size different. But yes, JetBoil works just fine.

Q: Do you need matches to start up this product or does it lit itself?
A: It has an ignitor that doesn't require batteries built in.

Q: Is there a compatible coffee press for this? What is the exact measurement of the pots mouth?
A: We don't recommend to use with a coffee press.

Q: What is the difference between this and the Jet Boil?
A: There aren't many significant differences. This one has a clear lid so you can see what's going inside the pot while cooking, the flip up handle is pretty nifty when storing, and the price is a fraction of a Jetboil. I took this on my last backpacking trip while my friend brought her jet boil and there was really no difference.

Q: Is regulated, good for 4 seasons conditions?
A: I used this on a 28 degree morning above 10k ft elevation. I did have to use a lighter to start it instead of the ignition button, but only under these two conditions. Make sure you buy 4 season fuel or sleep with your fuel canister in your bag. I used this for 4 weeks on the trail and it was a very solid purchase.

Q: Is the inside of the pot non-stick?
A: No, it's anodized aluminum, but not coated with teflon. That being said, if cleaned quickly after use, it's a breeze. If you end up burning rice (for example) it will stick, but can be scrubbed out with a brillo pad, or brush. If it ever gets really nasty, you can boil a dishwasher pod inside and it will clean up nicely.

Q: Does this pour water neatly or is it messy?

A: It pours pretty neatly. No messes when making coffee or tea

Q: Does this work with just isobutane canisters or will it work with propane also?

A: It works with propane canister, (eg. 1lb. propane canister) Pls remember to use with our Z1 LPG adapter to fit for the different thread.

- Stove with Electric Starter

- 0.8 Liter Pot with Locking Handle

- Pot Support Stand

- Pot Lid with Drain Holes

- Gas Canister Support Stand

- Protective Mesh Bag with Drawstring Closure

Fast Cooking for Solo

With 0.8L capacity and boiling water in 210s, the Fixed-Star X3 Personal Cooking System is the finest camping burner for solo traveller's swift cooking, which is necessary for creating instant coffee, soup, or meals made.


The handle was improved in X2 system. For safe and secure purposes, the Locking Handle design was devised so that the handle locks in both the open and closed positions.

Ultra Compact

Gas canister, electric starter, pot support, and stabilizer, all the gadgets in the Cooking Sytsem can be stored inside for space saving.

Expedition Efficient

With its wind-proof design and reliable built-in piezo igniter, it's born to be the ultimate cooking system for outdoor adventure.

Fixed star 1 FMS-X1 Fixed star 2 FMS-X2 Fixed star 3 FMS-X3 Polaris Cooking System
Ideal For 1-3 People 1-3 People 1-2 People 1-3 People
Volume 1 Liter 1 Liter 0.8 Liter 1 Liter
w/Pressure Regulator N N N Y
Meterial Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel Copper
Item Weight 511g/18.03oz 630g/22.2oz 600g/21.2oz 622g/22oz
Power 2200W|7500BTU/h 2200W|7500BTU/h 2200W|7500BTU/h 1800W|6142BTU/h

Fixed star 1 FMS-X1

Ideal For 1-3 People
Volume 1 Liter
w/Pressure Regulator N
Meterial Aluminum
Item Weight 511g/18.03oz
Power 2200W|7500BTU/h

Fixed star 2 FMS-X2

Ideal For 1-3 People
Volume 1 Liter
w/Pressure Regulator N
Meterial Aluminum
Item Weight 630g/22.2oz
Power 2200W|7500BTU/h

Fixed star 3 FMS-X3

Ideal For 1-2 People
Volume 0.8 Liter
w/Pressure Regulator N
Meterial Aluminum
Item Weight 600g/21.2oz
Power 2200W|7500BTU/h

Polaris Cooking System

Ideal For 1-3 People
Volume 1 Liter
w/Pressure Regulator N
Meterial Stainless Steel,Aluminum, Alloy Steel Copper
Item Weight 622g/22oz
Power 1800W|6142BTU/h

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kenneth Coley (US)
Works great but not as fast as stated on the internet

Boils water fine but takes 4-5 mins not 2-3

John D.
Easy to use

This thing works we used it for bikepacking and we loved it

Love it

This should be issued to us as it works for all my food needs in the field andni dont have to eat mres or the things the cooks call food in the field. Will never leave home without it

Awesome stove

Will use for Motocamping!

Perfect for backpacking.

It packs into a relatively small package including fuel. The controls are simple. Ignition works perfectly. It is extremely wind resistant. In the picture it boiled water in under a minute in high winds on the beach! I cooked about fifteen times in four days. The 230g fuel canister doesn't even feel half empty.

I had various types of food with me. The best use is to boil water, in my opinion. This way you never have to clean it. Dehydrated food pouches that double as containers are best. I also did eat directly out of it. It wasn't an issue but I prefer not to get it dirty at all so that I don't have to clean it. Instead, cleaning a mess kit is easier. Nothing against the device at all. I may continue to cook and eat out of it in the future especially if a water source is nearby.

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